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1and1 is the best in show for the webhosting industry.

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1&1 hosting is amazingly cheap. It truly is the obvious choice for those on a budget, whether your needs are for a personal homepage or for even a far more professional corporation, 1&1 offers everything from shared to dedicated, and the has a pretty decent customer support team, though if you call in the really late evening hours it appears to be outsourced, a somewhat common practice in the industry, perhaps inevitable for the “largest web hosting service”.

1and1 is in fact the #1 largest webhosting service, having registered a million domains in 2004, and sold tens of milions in 2005, and even more in the years after that. Now 1&1 hosting has over 7.5 million users. If there is strength in numbers, 1&1 hosting has that to the extreme.

1&1 hosting does lack some services that professional webmasters would appreciate such as Cold Fusion and VPN. SSI is only available with the 1and1 plans at $9.99 and above. That same 1and1 $9.99 plan offers 1 terrabyte of bandwidth. It sounds super amazing, but in reality as with many webhosting companies who offer ridiculous bandwidth at such low prices, if you were truly overloading their servers (getting 1 TB a month sure is) like that you’d be forced to upgrade I’m sure.

It’s a wonder how 1and1 makes any money at all with their prices. Yet while there are many sizable complaints against them, the millions of happy customers should drown out the noise of any 1and1 complaints. So while the internet does have quite a few 1&1 complaints, when you’re working with millions of customers, it’s to be expected. If only 1% of their customers have a bad experience, that’d mean 75,000 angry customers. Perhaps that is 1&1′s bigger failing, it’s customer size relative to the company’s size. If there is a large problem across web servers, their customer service can be stuffed like a new york city traffic jam. But on regular days, they seem to handle their problems just fine, and I had many of my issues resolved in a good way.

One thing 1&1 hosting has that has made me keep them for so long is their wonderful control panel, which allows me to buy a new domain and set it up so utterly easily. I have been using and testing dozens of webhosting companies these past years, and only 1&1 and Hostgator have remained constant webhosting services that I use for my important websites.

1&1 has the most inexpensive and powerful webhosting available. 1&1 has consistently offered the most inexpensive webhosting available, I remember when I just started some of my first websites off their tiny little $2.99 plan. It served all my needs, though I outgrew it pretty quickly and needed to upgrade.

So if you’re in the market for some cheap web hosting, with a great interface and reasonably priced domains, 1&1 hosting is for you!

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